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“Green Rain” falls at Kells Irish Pub for 25th year

For 25 years, Kells Irish Pub patrons have participated in the annual tradition of throwing cash to the ceiling of the pub. With a little bit of luck, the donated bills and coins stick to the ceiling until the annual green rain ceiling sweep event.

This year, $3,413 of this "green rain" was collected, which was matched by Kells owners, Gerard and Lucille McAleese. CARR Subaru then doubled that, resulting in $13,653 raised for the Center for Medically Fragile Children.

Carr Subaru then doubled the 2019 Kells green rain donations and the McAleese match with a portion of their Subaru Share the Love proceeds.

Since the tradition started in 1995, Kells has raised more than $310,000 for Providence.

The endowment fund, established in 2016 by the McAleeses, supports the unreimbursed costs of providing skilled nursing care, specialized therapy, equipment and activities for young people served by the Center for Medically Fragile Children.

See below for photos and video from this year's Green Rain event!

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